The  E-Journal

The Pacific Coast Branch is re-launching the E-Journal that was initiated on a trial basis in 2011.

The E-Journal is a vehicle for sharing presentations made at WFA – Pacific Coast Branch annual seminars and other original articles related to the purpose of the branch. There is no set publishing date–appropriate articles and presentations will be published on-line when they have been submitted and reviewed. Notification of new E-journal articles will be announced in the Listening Post, the PCB’s newsletter/magazine.

NOTE: The E-Journal is for longer original articles and presentations. Shorter articles of up to five to six pages in length may be more suitable for inclusion in the Listening Post..

Click on the title or image to see current E-Journal articles:

Submit Your Articles and Presentations

Many of the presentations made over the years at our annual seminar are worthy of sharing with a wider audience. Recognizing that most presentations exist as PowerPoint slide shows and that presenters may not have the time or inclination to turn them into written articles, we offer the following editorial services:

  • Adding sufficient captions and narrative to allow a slide presentation to stand alone in the E-Journal
  • Assisting in turning a slide presentation into a feature article for publishing here and elsewhere.

Members and friends interested in submitting a presentation or article are invited to contact the PCB Chair.