Great War Commemoration Themes

Clicking on the image below will bring you to a Great War commemoration guide that provides an overview of the Great War period and the major themes around which commemoration programs can be designed. Use these diagrams to begin creating your commemoration plans by placing circles around the themes that are relevant to your community or organization. Add any additional themes that fit your locality or interests.

Great War Themes Image

Theme Groupings:

Major Themes:

An overview of the major or meta-themes and the periods they cover.

The Experience at War Themes:

A chronological overview of the major battles of the war plus the various fighting and support units of the CEF, the Royal Canadian Navy and Canadians who served in the RAF.

Although the CEF numbered battalions were disbanded after the war, they are perpetuated by existing regular force and reserve regiments.

Other Themes:

These are some of the many themes under which stories can be told of the impact the Great War had on all elements of Canadian society, our communities, families and individuals.

Understanding the Military Structure:

A page is included to explain the CEF Infantry Order of Battle (organization structure) and the rank order.

Relevance and Legacy:

The experiences and learnings of those who served in, and were impacted by, the Great War form the legacy they left for us.  This legacy is honoured when we illustrate the relevance of those experiences to the unfolding lives of today’s population — especially youth.